Price List

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Tillandsia aeranthos purple - Large3″+ wide$3.00
Tillandsia andreana - Small1.5″ – 2″ wide or tall$2.50 $1.25
Tillandsia araujeiTillandsia araujei is caulescent (growing along a stem) and has thick succulent leaves that tend …$3.50
Tillandsia baileyi - Single6″-8″ tall x 6″-8″ wide$1.25 $0.75
Tillandsia baileyi - Large clump on wireLarge clump with multiple pups on wire 7-9″ wide$15.00
Tillandsia baileyi - Clump on wireThese generous clumps have many plants that eventually form balls. The clumps with hanging wire …$4.00
Tillandsia baileyi - Clump without wireClump without wire, with 4+ small pups$2.50
Tillandsia balbisiana - Small4-5″ Tall and or wide$1.25 $0.75
Tillandsia balbisiana - Large10″-12″ tall and or wide$3.00
Tillandsia bandensis small clumpThis small mini species produces vibrant purple flowers.$1.50
Tillandsia brachycaulos - Large5″-6″ wide or tall$2.50
Tillandsia brachycaulos - Small3″+ wide or tall$1.00
Tillandsia brachycaulos - Medium4″ wide or tall$1.50
Tillandsia brachycaulos select - redThis form of brachycaulos grows larger than the regular form of brachycaulos and tends to …$3.25
Tillandsia bulbosa - Large5″+$1.50
Tillandsia bulbosa - Medium3″-4″$1.00
Tillandsia bulbosa - Small2″ tall$0.75
Tillandsia bulbosa "Belize"This form of bulbosa gets HUGE! We have grown them to over 18″. This species is a …$5.00
Tillandsia butzii - Medium ClumpOn wire approx 5″ wide x 8″ long$10.00
Tillandsia butzii - Small4″ – 5″ tall$1.00 $0.75
Tillandsia butzii - Medium6″ – 8″ tall$1.25
Tillandsia butzii - Large9″ – 11″ tall$2.00
Tillandsia capitata peach - Small3″ plus wide$1.00
Tillandsia capitata peach - Medium4″-5″ wide$1.50
Tillandsia capitata peach - Large5″-6″ wide$2.00
Tillandsia caput-medusae - Small3″+ SEEDLING , with thinner leaves, curlier tips$1.00
Tillandsia caput-medusae - Medium5″-6″$1.50
Tillandsia caput-medusae - Large7″-8″$3.00
Tillandsia caulescensThis species produces a beautiful red flower spike with white flowers. Easy to grow.$3.00
Tillandsia chiapensis - SmallSmall 1.5″+ wide$2.00
Tillandsia chiapensis - Medium2.5″+ wide$3.50
Tillandsia Crocata orange fragrant flower - Medium4″-5″$2.50 $1.50
Tillandsia Crocata orange fragrant flower - Small2″-3″ plus$1.50 $1.00
Tillandsia cyanea - Small- simple form( Green) 4-5″ tall$1.25
Tillandsia cyanea - Small- Variegated4-5″ tall$1.25
Tillandsia cyanea - Medium- simple form(Green) 7″+ tall$1.75
Tillandsia diaguitensis - SmallSmall 2″-3″ tall$1.25
Tillandsia diaguitensis - MediumMedium 4″-5″ tall$1.75
Tillandsia diaguitensis large formThis is a much larger ( thicker) form of T. diaguitensis. This clone is at …$3.00
Tillandsia espinosae GIANT form, formerly Vriesea espinosaeThis species is very hardy and can withstand bright light and even direct sun in …$8.00
Tillandsia espinosae, formerly known as Vriesea espinosaeVriesea espinosae recently renamed Tillandsia espinosae. This plant pups off running stolons as can be …$3.00
Tillandsia fasciculata - Small pup4-5″ tall pup$1.50
Tillandsia fasciculata - XLargex-large 12-14″$10.00
Tillandsia festucoides - LargeLarge 12″ plus$2.00
Tillandsia filifolia - XLargeA thin leaf species with a dark green color. Likes humidity and air circulation to …$3.50
Tillandsia filifolia - LargeLarge 4-5″$2.50
Tillandsia filifolia - Mediummedium 3-4″$1.50
Tillandsia filifolia - Smallsmall 2.5″$1.00
Tillandsia fuchsii var. gracilis - Clump on wireOn wire, approx 4-5″ wide with multiple pups$6.00
Tillandsia fuchsii var. gracilis - Large2.5-3″ tall$0.90
Tillandsia fuchsii var. gracilis - Small1″ plus tall$0.55
Tillandsia fuchsii var. gracilis - Medium2″ tall plus$0.75
Tillandsia funckiana - Medium3″+ ► may have some possible curled ends$2.00
Tillandsia funckiana - Small2″+$1.00
Tillandsia funckiana - Large ClumpOn wire with up to 4-5 strands w small offsets$7.50
Tillandsia funckiana - Large4-5″+ ► may have some possible curled ends$3.00
Tillandsia funckiana - Mini1-1.5″$0.75
Tillandsia gardneri - Medium7-9″ tall$6.00
Tillandsia harrisii - Mini1.5-2″ tall or wide$1.00
Tillandsia harrisii - Small3″ plus wide$1.25
Tillandsia harrisii - Medium4″ wide$1.50
Tillandsia harrisii - Large5-6″ wide$3.00
Tillandsia Houston Cotton Candy - SmallSmall 3″+ wide$1.50
Tillandsia Houston Cotton Candy - Medium5″+ wide$2.50
Tillandsia houston green compactThis hybrid has stiffer leaves with a more compact look. When exposed to high bright …$2.50
Tillandsia Houston red princess - Small ClumpClump, mother with 2+ pups, approx 5″+ wide (NOT ALL CLUMPS ARE ALIKE)$5.00
Tillandsia Houston red princess - Mediumsingle 5″ EARLY BUD PLANTS AVAILABLE WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.$2.50
Tillandsia Houston upright greenThis form of Houston is similar to compact green but has more of an upright …$2.50
Tillandsia ionantha clumps, on wire - Small ClumpOn wire approx 3″-4″ wide with multiple pups, • May vary between Guatemala or Rubra …$5.50
Tillandsia ionantha clumps, on wire - Large ClumpOn wire approx 5-7″ wide with multiple pups, • May vary between Guatemala or Rubra …$7.50
Tillandsia ionantha fuego - Large2″ tall$1.50
Tillandsia ionantha fuego clumpThis plant holds high red blush year round when exposed to bright light. Offering clumps …$7.50
Tillandsia ionantha Guatemala leaf damage SalePlant size is approximately 2.5″+ wide or tall.$0.50 $0.45
Tillandsia ionantha Huamelula - Medium2″$1.25
Tillandsia ionantha Huamelula - Large2.5″$1.50
Tillandsia ionantha Huamelula - Small Clump3-4 small plants$2.50
Tillandsia ionantha Huamelula - MiniMini 1″ tall x 1.5″ wide$0.75
Tillandsia ionantha Huamelula - SmallSmall 1.5″+$1.00
Tillandsia ionantha ionantha AKA ionantha Guatemala - Medium2.5″+$0.65
Tillandsia ionantha ionantha AKA ionantha Guatemala - Small1.5″+ wide or tall$0.50
Tillandsia ionantha Mexico - Single smallSingle small 1.5″+ tall$0.75
Tillandsia ionantha Mexico - Single miniSingle mini 1″ tall$0.60
Tillandsia ionantha Mexico - Small ClumpSmall clump with 2-3 pups + mother$2.00
Tillandsia ionantha Mexico - Medium ClumpMedium clump with 4-5 pups + mother$3.00
Tillandsia ionantha rubra - Small1.5″$0.60
Tillandsia ionantha rubra - Medium2″$0.75
Tillandsia ionantha rubra - Large2.5″-3″$0.90
Tillandsia ionantha rubra - Giant3″ plus and fat, giant specimen. NOTE: will have significant leaf damage due to age …$2.50 $2.00
Tillandsia ionantha v. vanhyningii - Mini1″ tall$2.25
Tillandsia ionantha v. vanhyningii - Small2″$3.50
Tillandsia ionantha v. vanhyningii - Medium3″$4.50
Tillandsia ionantha x schiedeanaThis hybrid is very hardy and easy to grow.$7.50
Tillandsia juncea - Clump15+ pups$5.00
Tillandsia juncea - XLarge14″ +$2.00
Tillandsia juncea - Medium10-12″ tall$1.50
Tillandsia juncea - Small6″-8″$1.00
Tillandsia juncifolia - Small3″+ tall$0.75
Tillandsia juncifolia - Medium6-8″+ tall$1.50
Tillandsia juncifolia - Large10-12″ + tall$2.00
Tillandsia juncifolia red hybrid - Medium ClumpClump on wire with up to 2-3 pups$10.00
Tillandsia juncifolia red hybrid - Large ClumpClump on wire with up to 4-5 pups$12.50
Tillandsia juncifolia red hybrid - Medium6″-7″ tall$3.00
Tillandsia latifolia dwarf (red flower) - Single3-4″ wide$4.00
Tillandsia latifolia dwarf type 2 - Single2-3″ tall$4.00
Tillandsia magnusiana - Small2″+ wide$1.00
Tillandsia magnusiana - Medium3″-4″ wide$1.50
Tillandsia magnusiana - Large5″+ wide$2.00
Tillandsia Moonlight AKA rectifolia - Small Clumpsmall clump to to 5 plants$1.50 $0.85
Tillandsia Moonlight AKA rectifolia - LargeSingle 5-6″$1.25 $1.00
Tillandsia neglecta - Mini1″$0.75
Tillandsia paleacea - Large formThis airplant can tolerate dryer climates with infrequent watering in coastal areas due to the …$2.00
Tillandsia paleacea - Regular form medium6″+$1.25 $1.00
Tillandsia paleacea - Regular form small4″+$1.00 $0.75
Tillandsia paleacea - Regular form small clumpMother with 3-4+ pups$2.00
Tillandsia paucifolia - Large5″+ tall, SALE , with significant leaf damage$1.50 $0.85
Tillandsia paucifolia - Small3″ plus tall SALE , with significant leaf damage$1.00 $0.50
Tillandsia plagiotropica - Large4-5″+ wide$3.25
Tillandsia plagiotropica - Small1.5-2″ wide$2.00
Tillandsia pruinosa - Small3″+ tall$2.00
Tillandsia pseudobaileyi - Large7″+ tall ( may have some minor damaged leaves)$1.50 $1.25
Tillandsia pseudobaileyi - XLarge9-11″ ( may have some minor damaged leaves)$2.50 $1.50
Tillandsia pseudobaileyi - Medium5-6″ tall ( may have some minor damaged leaves)$1.50 $1.00
Tillandsia punctulata - Medium6″-8″ wide$5.00
Tillandsia punctulata - Small3″-5″ wide$3.00
Tillandsia purpurea 'enano shooting star' - SmallSmall 2-3″ tall$1.50
Tillandsia purpurea 'enano shooting star' - Medium4-5″ tall$3.00
Tillandsia purpurea 'enano shooting star' - LargeLarge 6-7″ tall$5.00
Tillandsia purpurea 'enano shooting star' - XLarge8-9″ tall$7.00
Tillandsia purpurea # 15Tillandsia purpurea is a diverse species. It’s South American range is vast and through its …$3.50
Tillandsia purpurea large form - Medium5-6″ tall$8.00
Tillandsia purpurea large form - Large7-9″ tall$12.00
Tillandsia purpurea large form - Small3-4″ tall$6.00
Tillandsia purpurea spiral select - Smallapprox 3″+ tall or wide$5.00
Tillandsia purpurea spiral select - Largeapprox 4-6″+ tall or wide$8.00
Tillandsia recurvata clump - Mini Clumpwith up to 3 tiny pups$0.75
Tillandsia recurvata clump - Small Clumpwith up to 2-3 pups$1.50
Tillandsia recurvifolia var subsecundifolia - Small Clumpapprox 2.5″ tall with up to 3 mini pups, no hanging wire$2.50
Tillandsia recurvifolia var subsecundifolia - Large ClumpApprox 6″ wide with up to 7+ pups, hanging on wire$30.00
Tillandsia recurvifolia var subsecundifolia - Large5″+ tall$4.50
Tillandsia scaposa 'Kolbii' - XLarge3.5″-4″+ tall$1.50
Tillandsia scaposa 'Kolbii' - Large3″ tall$0.90
Tillandsia scaposa 'Kolbii' - Medium2″ tall$0.75
Tillandsia scaposa 'Kolbii' - Small1.5″ tall$0.65
Tillandsia schiedeana - Medium6-7″ MINOR wide$1.00 $0.75
Tillandsia schiedeana - Large ClumpSUPER CLUMP large 7-8 inch wide$5.00
Tillandsia schiedeana - Small Clump4-5+ plant clump$1.75 $0.75
Tillandsia schiedeana majorThis larger form of schiedeana is a very easy to grow species. It’s often covered …$1.50
Tillandsia seleriana - Large7″-8″ long$4.50
Tillandsia seleriana - Small4″-5″ tall$2.00
Tillandsia seleriana - Medium6″+$3.50
Tillandsia straminea - Small5″-6″ tall$4.00
Tillandsia straminea - Large10″-12″ wide and or tall$9.00
Tillandsia straminea - Medium7″-8″ tall and/or wide$6.00
Tillandsia straminea dwarf - Medium6-7″ tall$3.50
Tillandsia straminea dwarf - Mini3″+ tall$1.00
Tillandsia straminea dwarf - Small4-5″ tall$2.50
Tillandsia streptophylla - Mini2″ + tall$3.00
Tillandsia streptophylla - Small3″+ tall$4.00
Tillandsia streptophylla - Medium4″+ tall$6.00
Tillandsia streptophylla x brachycaulous (Eric Knobloch) - Medium5” -6″ tall or wide$5.00
Tillandsia stricta giant formTillandsia stricta green giant form. This form of stricta has very long wide leaves. Note: …$2.50
Tillandsia stricta green - Medium3″-4″$1.00 $0.75
Tillandsia stricta green - Large5″ wide$1.50 $1.00
Tillandsia stricta stiff leaf - Large7″ wide+$3.50
Tillandsia stricta stiff leaf - Medium4-6″ wide$2.50
Tillandsia tenuifolia 'Emerald forest' - Medium4″ wide$1.50
Tillandsia tricolor v. melanocreter - Large7-8″ tall$2.00
Tillandsia tricolor v. melanocreter - XLarge8-9″ tall$3.00
Tillandsia tricolor v. melanocreter - Medium5-6″ tall$1.50
Tillandsia tricolor v. melanocreter - Small4″ tall$1.00
Tillandsia usneoides, Spanish moss, fine grey - Small Clump8-10″ long$1.50
Tillandsia usneoides, super fine green, Spanish moss - Small Clump~8-10″ long$1.50
Tillandsia usneoides, Thick Form (Spanish Moss)This is a very hardy form of Tillandsia usneoides. It is our best selling moss …$7.50
Tillandsia velickiana - Medium3-4″ tall or wide$1.50
Tillandsia velickiana - Large5″+ tall or wide$2.00
Tillandsia velickiana - Small2″ tall or wide$1.00
Tillandsia velutina - Mini2″ tall$0.75
Tillandsia velutina - Small3″ Tall and/or wide$1.00
Tillandsia velutina - Large5″-6″ wide$2.00
Tillandsia velutina - Medium3-4″ wide$1.50
Tillandsia victoriana (Ionantha x brachycaulos)This hybrid is a fast growing and clumping plant with great color when it blooms, …$2.50
Tillandsia xerographica - Small Seedling4 year old stage 1 seedling xerographica, 3-4″ tall$3.00 $2.00
Tillandsia xerographica - Medium6″ wide$11.00
Tillandsia xerographica - Large8″ wide$14.00
Tillandsia xerographica *SALE minor leaf damage* - LargeSALE 7″-8″ wide$10.00
Tillandsia xerographica *SALE minor leaf damage* - MediumSALE 6″ wide$7.00
Tillandsia xerographica *SALE minor leaf damage* - MiniSALE – 3″-4″ wide$3.00
Tillandsia xerographica *SALE minor leaf damage* - SmallSALE 4″-5″ wide$5.00

Tillandsia abditaTillandsia abdita, true red form that’s rare in cultivation. Beautiful plant with soft, glossy leaves. …$15.00
Tillandsia aeranthos purple x purpurea - Medium6-8″ tall$10.00
Tillandsia aeranthos purple x purpurea - Small4-5″ tall$8.00
Tillandsia aeranthos purple x purpurea - Large10-11″ tall$15.00
Tillandsia albida dwarf form / minorThis gorgeous white/ silvery plant is a prolific grower that likes bright light conditions. Grows …$8.00
Tillandsia albida large form - Small4″-5″ tall$4.00
Tillandsia albida large form - Medium6″-7″ tall$6.00
Tillandsia barthlottiPlant has soft, paper-like leaves that will grow a pendulous bloom spike with yellow flowers. …$8.00
Tillandsia brachycaulos x concolor - Medium4″+ wide or tall$3.00
Tillandsia brachycaulos x concolor - SmallSmall 4″-5″ wide or tall$1.50
Tillandsia brachycaulos x concolor - LargeLarge 6-7″ wide or tall$5.00
Tillandsia bryoides - Clump on wireClump on wire with up to 12+ strands and mini offsets$20.00
Tillandsia bryoides - Single3”-5″ single branching with up to 3 offsets$4.00
Tillandsia bulbosa x ionanthaThis beautiful plant blushes bright red when it blooms.$28.00
Tillandsia bulbosa X streptophylla 'showtime'Easy to grow plant, can tolerate very-bright to moderate, not direct sun. The growth pattern …$12.00
Tillandsia cacticola long form - Green, Large7-8″ tall$25.00
Tillandsia cacticola long form - Green, XLarge10-12″ tall$35.00
Tillandsia cacticola long form - Silver, Large7″-8″$25.00
Tillandsia cacticola long form - Silver, XLarge10″-12″ long$35.00
Tillandsia cacticola long form - Silver, Small3″-4″ tall$15.00
Tillandsia cacticola long form - Silver, Medium5″-6″ tall$20.00
Tillandsia cacticola long form - Green, Small3″-4″ tall$15.00
Tillandsia cacticola long form - Green, Medium5″-6″ tall$20.00
Tillandsia cacticola thin leaf form - SmallSmall 5″-6″ wide$5.00
Tillandsia cacticola thin leaf form - LargeLarge 8″-10″ wide$7.00
Tillandsia cacticola, bright leaf form - Medium5-6″ wide$8.00
Tillandsia cacticola, Giant FormThis is by far the largest growing form of cacticola. They become monsters reaching 30″+ …$40.00
Tillandsia capillaris Type 1 mini clumps - Small ClumpSmall Clump 3 – 5 plants$5.00
Tillandsia capillaris Type 1 mini clumps - Large ClumpLarge Clump 9 – 12 plants$12.00
Tillandsia capillaris Type 2 mini clumps - Small ClumpSmall Clump 3 -5 plants$5.00
Tillandsia capillaris Type 2 mini clumps - Large ClumpLarge Clump 9 -12 plants$12.00
Tillandsia capillaris Type 3 clumpsMiniature species with tiny yellow flowers.$6.00
Tillandsia capillaris type 4 clumpsThis form of capillaris has the shortest leaves of the 4 types we offer. These …$3.50
Tillandsia capitata 'Dominican Republic' - Small2″-3″ wide$3.00
Tillandsia capitata 'Dominican Republic' - Medium3″-4″ wide$5.00
Tillandsia capitata dwarf yellow - Medium4″-5″ wide$8.00 $6.00
Tillandsia capitata red (Chiapas, Mexico) - Largelarge 8” – 9″$12.00
Tillandsia capitata red Coral blooms - Smallsmall 3-4″ tall$5.00
Tillandsia carrilloi AKA CalaveraThis beautiful species is quite rare in cultivation. We have just a few offsets we …$50.00
Tillandsia cauligera, white formA native to Peru, rare to find. A must have for your collection. Growth is …$10.00
Tillandsia chiapensis x velutina - Small3-4″ tall$10.00
Tillandsia chiapensis x velutina - Medium5-6″ tall$12.00
Tillandsia chusgonensis - Small Clumpsmall clump 3 – 5 plants$10.00 $5.00
Tillandsia chusgonensis - Medium Clumpmedium clump 7 – 8 plants$15.00 $8.00
Tillandsia chusgonensis - Large Clumplarge clump 12 – 15 plants$22.00 $12.00
Tillandsia crocata {orange flower} x mallemontiiThis hybrid produces orange flowers with purple freckling. It’s quite beautiful with a wonderful fragrance …$10.00
Tillandsia disticha green formA collectible plant with upright thin leaves. Plenty of trichomes at the base of the …$5.00
Tillandsia duratii thick leaf giant clone - Large16″-18″$35.00
Tillandsia duratii thick leaf giant clone - Small Seedling3″ tall$4.00
Tillandsia duratii thick leaf giant clone - Medium10″-12″$20.00
Tillandsia duratii thick leaf giant clone - Small8″-9″$15.00
Tillandsia ehlersiana - Minimini 2” tall$1.00
Tillandsia ehlersiana - Smallsmall 3″ tall$1.50
Tillandsia ehlersiana - Mediummedium 4” – 6” tall$5.00
Tillandsia flexuosa northern range - Small5-6″ wide and or tall.$4.00 $3.50
Tillandsia flexuosa northern range - Large10″-12″ wide$8.00 $6.00
Tillandsia flexuosa Southern Range - Small3″-4″$4.00
Tillandsia flexuosa Southern Range - Medium6-8″ tall$8.00
Tillandsia flexuosa Southern Range - Large12-14″ tall$15.00
Tillandsia floribunda - Medium6-8″ tall$5.00
Tillandsia floribunda - SmallSmall 4” – 5” tall$3.50
Tillandsia funckiana type 2 - Single small3″+ long$2.00
Tillandsia funckiana type 2 - SingleSingle 5”+ long$4.00
Tillandsia funckiana type 2 - ClumpClump 4″+ branching, with up to 1 pup$8.00 $6.00
Tillandsia funckiana var. recurvifoliaA very stiff form of funckiana that feels like a bottle brush! Very cool variety.$8.00 $5.00
Tillandsia gardneri 'Puerto Escondido'Grows more rigid leaves, but with the same gracefulness of the regular T. gardneri. It …$6.00
Tillandsia geminifloraSoft leaf species with a velvety touch. This form is native to a drier region …$6.00
Tillandsia gilliesiiGrown from seed by Davis Farms. Native to Bolivia. Often found growing on cactus in …$35.00
Tillandsia glabrior - Small2-3″ wide$2.00
Tillandsia glabrior - Medium4-5″ wide$3.50
Tillandsia glabrior - Large6-7″ wide$5.00
Tillandsia hildae - Medium8” – 12” plus$80.00
Tillandsia hildae - Largelarge 16″ – 20” plus$100.00
Tillandsia hitchcockianaA must have for your collection. T. hitchcockiana has grey leaves with a stiff body. …$25.00
Tillandsia ionantha 'Colombia'This form of ionantha has great thick succulent leaves with an upright form and beautiful …$2.50
Tillandsia ionantha 'druid' - Medium2″-3″ tall$3.00 $1.25
Tillandsia ionantha 'druid' - ClumpClump with 4+ pups$5.00 $3.50
Tillandsia ionantha vanhyningii type 2 - Small2″ tall$14.00
Tillandsia kammii - Small2-3″ wide or tall$5.00
Tillandsia kammii - Large6″ wide or tall$8.00
Tillandsia kimberly (recurvata x usneoides)This hybrid between usneoides and recurvata tends to form a large mass of plants rather …$10.00
Tillandsia Kurt Horstii ( mallemonti hybrid) - Small5″+ wide or tall$3.00
Tillandsia Kurt Horstii ( mallemonti hybrid) - Medium7″+ wide or tall$5.00
Tillandsia Kurt Horstii ( mallemonti hybrid) - Large10″+ wide or tall$7.00
Tillandsia latifolia #3There are literally hundreds of variations of latifolia. Some are quite large, others small. Each …$15.00
Tillandsia latifolia deep purpleThis is a truly unique form of latifolia, with vivid bloom spikes. It grows tall, …$16.00
Tillandsia latifolia viviparaThis species has shimmery silver leaves that are glossy to the touch. Once it flowers. …$15.00
Tillandsia leonamiana - Single3-4″$4.50
Tillandsia loliacea - SingleApprox 1″ tall$2.00
Tillandsia lorentzianaSpecies is native to South America- from Bolivia and Brazil. A velvety grey leaf species …$6.00
Tillandsia matudaeSoft leaf species similar to T. magnusiana. Produces white flowers with a forked pendulous bloom.$4.00
Tillandsia mitlaensisThis Mexican species is a lithophyte (grows on rocks) and forms large colonies in nature. …$16.00
Tillandsia mitlaensis var. tulensis - Large5-6″ wide currently in bloom$16.00
Tillandsia mitlaensis var. tulensis - Medium3-4″ wide$12.00
Tillandsia mollis - SingleThis species is very rarely offered. It’s a clumping species similar to recurvifoia or usneoides. …$10.00 $5.00
Tillandsia mollis - Large ClumpThis species is very rarely offered. It’s a clumping species similar to recurvifoia or usneoides. …$75.00
Tillandsia nana - Medium3″ long$3.50
Tillandsia nana - Small2″ long$2.50
Tillandsia novakii - XLarge16-18″+ tall or wide$30.00
Tillandsia novakii - Small8-9″ tall$15.00
Tillandsia paleacea wide leaf form - Single7″+ long$4.00
Tillandsia plumosa - XLarge3.5″ x 5-6″ wide$25.00
Tillandsia plumosa - Small2″ tall$12.00
Tillandsia plumosa - Medium3″ tall x 2-3″ wide$15.00
Tillandsia plumosa - Large3″ tall x 4″-5″ wide$20.00
Tillandsia pruinosa var. colombia - Medium5″ tall$6.50
Tillandsia pruinosa var. colombia - Large6″-7″ tall$8.00
Tillandsia pruinosa var. Colombia, CLUMPS on WIREClumps are sold on wire, covered with trichomes. A wonderful plant for your collection. We …$8.00
Tillandsia pseudobaileyi hybridThis is a wonderful example of a Pseudobaileyi hybrid. We started growing this plant about …$15.00
Tillandsia purpurea # 8Tillandsia purpurea is a diverse species. It’s South American range is vast and through its …$15.00
Tillandsia purpurea #11Tillandsia purpurea is a diverse species. It’s South American range is vast and through its …$18.00
Tillandsia purpurea #3Tillandsia purpurea is a diverse species. It’s South American range is vast and through its …$15.00
Tillandsia purpurea no.12We are offering this beautiful plant with a flower that is fragrant! Upright growth with …$10.00
Tillandsia purpurea x caeruleaThis is a very rewarding hybrid. It produces very long bloom spikes with wonderfully fragrant …$12.00
Tillandsia reducta - Medium Clump6-8 plant clump$25.00
Tillandsia reducta - Large5″$12.00
Tillandsia reducta - Medium4″$8.00
Tillandsia reducta - Small2″$6.00
Tillandsia reichenbachiiThis species is similar to T. duratii but doesn’t grow as large. It produces fragrant …$5.00
Tillandsia riohondoensis - XXLarge12″ tall x 12-16″ wide$25.00
Tillandsia roezliiUnique tillandsia with leathery-like leaves and hardy growth pattern. Plant can be planted in an …$16.00
Tillandsia Roland-GosseliniiA beautiful species from Mexico. Very similar to Tillandsia rothii. Over time they grow into …$12.00
Tillandsia romeroi var. gruberiBeautiful, glossy, soft leaf plant. A rare species to add to your collection.$6.00
Tillandsia schiedeana x junceaThis hybrid is quite easy to grow. It’s flowers resemble Tillandsia schiedeana.$6.00
Tillandsia secunda - XLarge16″ tall x 18″+ wide$30.00
Tillandsia secunda - XXLarge16-20″ tall x 22″+ wide$40.00
Tillandsia secunda var. vivipara - Large6-7″ wide$4.00
Tillandsia secunda var. vivipara - Small2-3″ wide$1.50
Tillandsia secunda var. vivipara - Medium4-5″ wide$3.00
Tillandsia secunda var. vivipara - XLarge8-12″ wide$8.00
Tillandsia stelliferaTillandsia stellifera is in the tectorum complex (related to tectorum with similar blooms). This beautiful …$3.00
Tillandsia straminea thick leaf form - Small7″-8″ tall x 10″ wide$10.00
Tillandsia straminea thick leaf form - Medium12″ tall x 12″ wide$15.00
Tillandsia straminea thick leaf form - Large16″ tall x 16″ wide$20.00
Tillandsia straminea thick leaf- tall form - Small5″ plus tall$12.00
Tillandsia straminea thick leaf- tall form - Large10″ plus tall$15.00
Tillandsia streptocarpa - SmallTillandsia streptocarpa is similar to Tillandsia duratii. The blooms are very similar and also fragrant.$4.00
Tillandsia streptocarpa - MediumTillandsia streptocarpa is similar to Tillandsia duratii. The blooms are very similar and also fragrant.$6.00
Tillandsia tectorum, Ecuador - Minimini 1.5” – 2” wide$3.50
Tillandsia tectorum, Ecuador - Smallsmall 3″ wide$6.00 $4.50
Tillandsia tectorum, Ecuador - Mediummedium 4″ wide$8.00 $6.00
Tillandsia tectorum, Ecuador - LargeLarge 5” wide$10.00 $8.00
Tillandsia tectorum, Peru - Smallsmall 5″+ WIDE$10.00
Tillandsia tectorum, Peru - Medium8″+ wide$15.00
Tillandsia tectorum, Peru - Large10” – 12″ wide$25.00
Tillandsia tricholepisOne of many in the micro Tillandsia sub family Diaphoranthema. They produce tiny yellow flowers …$3.00
Tillandsia usneoides curly form - Medium12″-16″ long$16.00
Tillandsia vicente bacayaThis is a naturally occurring hybrid between caput-medusae and capitata peach. It was originally discovered …$15.00
Tillandsia vicentinaTillandsia vicentina is a very beautiful species that produces a wonderful salmon color bloom spike. …$15.00
Tillandsia xerographica x fasciculata - Small9” -10” wide$16.00
Tillandsia xerographica x fasciculata - Large18″+ wide$45.00
Tillandsia xerographica x fasciculata - Medium12”+ wide$40.00
Tillandsia xiphioidesThis species produces giant white flowers that citrus lemon scent. They are great for mounting …$12.00
Tillandsia zacapanensis - Small5″-6″+ tall and/or wide$35.00
Vriesea chontalensisUnique, grey-toned species native to Bolivia, Costa Rica, and Ecuador. Can be planted in an …$6.00