Tillandsia jequiensis


Single Small 5″+ long
Single Large 7″+ long
Medium 4″+ long Clump with up to 1-2+ pups
Note: Clumps may green algae on the bottom leaves as these are older and can simply be washed off or peeled back.

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This species is similar to paleacea but has flat wide leaves. It is very rarely offered and not often found in cultivation. The leaves are very wide and it has a beautifully symmetrical shape. They don’t grow roots like most Tillandsias, rather they are adapted to grow in sand near the ocean. They grow in huge swaths along dunes and sometimes in rocks among cacti. They grow facing the moist onshore breeze from which they get some of their moisture. They live in some areas that receive less than one inch of rain per year but dew is not uncommon in those areas.