Tillandsia ionantha ionantha AKA ionantha Guatemala


Mini 1-1.5″ wide and/or tall
Small 1.5″+ wide and/or tall (when available)
Medium 2″-2.5″ wide and/or tall
Large 2.5-3″ tall {may have some minor leaf damage}
XLarge 3.5-4″ tall MATURE {may have some minor leaf damage}

(Purchase of 10 or more of each size required.)

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A staple tillandsia that’s most common and easy to care for. This plant is very hardy it can tolerate many conditions, from bright direct sun to low shade. Grows into a cluster quickly, so you’ll have a nice size clump in about 1 or 2 years. The picture shows how the flower blooms when in season and is similar to the to the size of the plants we are offering. Size is measured either in height or width or both. We are offering 10% discount on orders of 1,000 medium plants. Please select the 1000 medium plants option for this discount. (please realize these plants are variable).