Tilly Boost Fertilizer


N-P-K: 16-9-25

1 bag of fertilizer, 25lb


25 pound bag of bulk Tillandsia fertilizer concentrate. We’ve worked with a fertilizer company to develop our custom blend of Tillandsia and Bromeliad fertilizer. It contains a free form of nitrogen that is readily available for use by the plants, unlike many other fertilizers which contain a type of nitrogen that must first be broken down by bacteria in soil. We’ve also eliminated minerals known to be harmful to Tillandsias (copper, boron, and zinc). Free of colored dyes. This bulk, 25 pound bag can be broken down into many small containers for resale.
Directions for use are as follows: If you use the fertilizer with every watering, use 1/10-1/6 tablespoon per gallon of water. If you fertilize once a week you should use 1/4 tablespoon, and if you only fertilize once every 2-4 weeks use 1/2 tablespoon per gallon.

Due to weight, we will ship the fertilizer separately via Large Flat Rate priority box ( USPS). The cost includes the fertilizer and shipping cost.