Tillandsia xerographica


Small Seedling, 3-4″ tall
Mini 4″ wide, pup
Small 4-5″ wide
Medium 6″ wide
Large 7″-8″ wide
Mega giant 10″-12″ wide

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This species is known as the king of air plants. They have long beautiful ribbon-like leaves that grow long over time and curl.

We are offering small seedling xerographica for a limited time. These plants are 4 years old, grown from seed. The stage 1, 4 year old “small seedling” plants do NOT have a mature xerographica shape yet but are still absolutely beautiful plants and well on their way. The mini-large plants are offsets (pups) and all have the classic xerographica rosette shape. The size of the minis are larger than the seedling stage 2 plants.

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