D.I.Y. Plant + Dry Goods Variety Pack


The collection is subject to change based on availability.

Total of 45 Plants:
1x T. houston, ‘Red Princess’ LG
2x T. capitata peach, MED
4x T. moonlight, small clump
5x T. bulbosa, MED
3x T. balbisiana, SM
5x T. funckiana, SM
3x T. velutina, LG
2x T. harrisii, LG
7x T. ionantha ionantha, Guatemala, MED
4x T. ionantha Mexico, clump 4+ pups w mother
4x T. stricta green, LG
2x T. pruinosa Guatemala, SM

Total of 30 Dry Good Items:
1x Wire Roll, Silver
1x coconut Pot
2x E-6000 Glue, 0.18oz
3x Pandan Pot
3x Shell basket w/ liner
3x Shell basket
1x Ironwood, SM
4x Cholla hardwood, SM
1x Tonna tessallata shell
1x White Tibia shell
1x Conus marmoreus shell
1x Conus leopardus or litteratus shell ( depends on availability)
1x Murex endivia shell
1x Murex haustellum shell
1x Seashell Tillandsia hanger w/ hoop
1x Seashell Tillandsia hanger 9″ multicolor
1x Seashell Tillandsia hanger 12″ multicolor
1x Barnacle Cluster

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Assorted collection of plants and dry goods for the inner crafter in you! A great basic start that includes glue and wire to use in your projects.
The photo examples shown are ideas for pairing plants with dry goods, but you can choose to get as creative as you’d like!

This bundle would be great as a gift or for mini workshops, or simply for those wanting to have a combination of plants and accessories.


{Plants subject to change based on availability}
NOTE: We label each species. NO SUBSTITUTIONS, the pack is pre-selected. Not all plants will be blushing/ blooming. We do our best to ship flowering plants when available.

We use the most economical way to ship heavy boxes (UPS GROUND). If you order more than 1 variety pack, dry goods will ship separately. Extra shipping costs may apply.

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