Rare species


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In this section of our website we are offering plants that are either rare in the industry or that we have limited numbers of.  If there is something you are looking for that is not listed here please ask.  We might have a few available. 

albida minor, davis farms albida minor clusters 

Tillandsia albida dwarf form or minor, 7-8 inch tall.  This gorgeous white/ silvery plant is a prolific grower that likes bright light conditions. Grows along the stem and becomes a cluster quickly as seen in the photo above. $10 each

albida large form davis farms airplants tillandsias albida large form davis farms airplants tillandsias

Tillandsia albida large form 5-6 inch tall.  A white/ silvery leaf plant with hardy leaves. Grows along the stem and becomes a longer in time. Large form grows longer, as seen in the photo Linda is holding.  $6 each

brachycaulos x concolor

Tillandsia brachycaulos x concolor.  This hybrid is easy to grow and is very hardy.  Blushes bright red when it blooms and grows fairly large. 4-5 inch tall by 4-5 inch wide at $3 each 


bulbosa x elhersiana, davis farms bulbosa x elhersiana macro, davis farms

Tillandsia bulbosa x ehlersiana 'Ty'.   This hybrid is similar to Showtime, but with a more silvery color and nice tentacle leaves.  may be available again soon.

Tillandsia bulbosa x ionantha  Tillandsia bulbosa x ionantha

Tillandsia bulbosa x ionantha.  This beautiful plant blushes bright red when it blooms.  *availability very limited.  We are not releasing these at the moment*

Tillandsia showtime T. bulbosa X T. streptophylla

Tillandsia bulbosa X Tillandsia streptophylla (Tillandsia showtime) *availability very limited.  We are not releasing these at the moment*

Tillandsia cacticola thin leaf air plant Davis Farms wholesale tillandsias

Tillandsia cacticola thin leaf form.


tillandsia cacticola clump davis farms air plants tillandsia cacticola clump davis farms air plants

Tillandsia cacticola clump ~LIMITED SUPPLY~ $30 EACH 

tillandsia cacticola giant form davis farms air plants tillandsia cacticola giant form davis farms air plants

Tillandsia cacticola giant form approx 22 inches across. ONLY HAVE 5 IN STOCK, get it while supplies last. $60 each 

Tillandsia cacticola long form

Tillandsia cacticola long form.  This form of Cacticola grows very long, up to 28" so far, while only 6-8" wide.  It is very unique and rare.  It's my favorite form of cacticola. We have it available in sage green and silver. An XL silver plant is pictured, the sage green form is slightly greener.  


capillaris type 1  capillaris 1 macro

Tillandsia capillaris, Type 1 mini clumps  


capillaris type 2 capillaris type 2 macro

Tillandsia capillaris Type 2 mini clumps


capillaris type 3 capillaris type 3 macro

Tillandsia capillaris Type 3  clumps $6 each  

tillandsia capitata red 1

Tillandsia capitata red from the Chiapas region of Mexico. This species has beautiful vibrant red blush when exposed to bright light.  They grow quite large and can be potted in an orchid type mix. Only medium size 5-6" at $8 available only.

Tillandsia capitata red Brazil  Tillandsia capitata coral blooms

Tillandsia capitata red.  This red form of capitata red is very different from the form from Chiapas Mexico.  It is very rare in cultivation, larger plants hold a beautiful red color year round and blushes brigh coral-organge when blooming.


tillandsia capitata dominican republic tillandsia capitata republica dominicana

Tillandsia capitata 'Dominican Republic' is a gorgeous maroon plant that keeps it color year-round. Available for a limited time only. 


Tillandsia capitata mini yellow  capitata yellow

Tillandsia capitata dwarf yellow.  This Mexican species of capitata turns birght yellow in the center when it blooms.  It has beautiful foliage and shape. A must have for any collection.


Tillandsia carrilloi  Davis Farms  Tillandsia carrilloi  Davis Farms

Tillandsia carrilloi AKA Calavera.  This beautiful species is quite rare in cultivation.  We have just a few offsets we are offering from our mother stock.  We also have many seedlings that will be large enough to sell in the next 5-7 years. The offsets look similar to the picture on the right.  6-8"  $50.00.


Tillandsia Chusgonensis chusgonensis macro flower davis farms airplants

Tillandsia Chusgonensis.  This small species is in the tectorum complex and is densely covered in trichomes.  Quite rare in cultivation.
Sizes of clumps

Tillandsia compressa x rothii Tillandsia compressa x rothii

Tillandsia compressa x rothii. *availability very limited.  We are not releasing these at the moment*

crocata orange flower crocata orange flower

Tillandsia crocata orange flower.  This is one of the most fragrant species of Tillandsias.  They produce a bright orange flower.


Tillandsia disticha air plants davis farms wholesale tillandsias Tillandsia disticha air plants davis farms wholesale tillandsias

Tillandsia disticha.  A unique thin leaf plant with bright green color.  6-7 inches tall at $5 each

Tillandsia duratii tillandsia duratii specimen

Tillandsia duratii. This is one spectacular plant to have in your collection, it will live many many years! Blooms have a pleasant fragrance. Currently offering SMALL 9-10 inch tall plants at $12 

tillandsia elhersiana tillandsia elhersiana

Tillandsia ehlersiana. We have many sizes of this prolific grower. Covered in trichomes, it's able to adapt to high bright conditions. 


flexuosa flexuosa northern range 10-12 inches wide, davis farms

Tillandsia flexuosa northern range.  This form of flexuosa has less flexing of the leaves.  They produce pups on the very long bloomspike.  We have two sizes 6-8 inches and 10-12 inches wide. The photo on the left is the 6-8in and right is 10-12 in, CURRENTLY ONLY HAVE 10-12" AVAILABLE AT $8 EACH 

flexuosa southern range

Tillandsia flexuosa southern range. This form of flexuosa has subtle stripes, but with more exposed light it will become more prominent. CURRENTLY 12-15" tall AT $20 EACH~~ limited supply~~ 

tillandsia floribunda davis farms air plants tillandsia floribunda davis farms air plants

Tillandsia floribunda. Offering two sizes, please select from the drop down menu.  Photo on the left is the large size.


fuchsii var fuchsiifuchsii var fuchsii

Tillandsia fuchsii var. fuchsii from Mexico.  This form of fuchsii is spectacular.  It has thicker leaves and grows much larger than the common form. Small 2" tall x 2" wide $4.95 each 

funckiana type 2

Tillandsia funckiana type 2.  This form of funckiana has longer leaves that are more erect and held tighter to the stem of the plant.  

This form of funkiana is rare. These are long 5"-6" stems that branch into 2-3 plants as can be seen by the picture. We also have singles available 5 inch at $4 each  


T. graomogolensis Tillandsia graomogolensis

Tillandsia graomogolensis.  This is a very interesting species.  It has large trichomes that become exaggerated when grown outside in dryer climates.  It produces vivid purple flowers that are very fragrant.  5-6 inch $4.00

Tillandsia hildae Tillandsia hildae

Tillandsia hildae.  This is one of the rarest Tillandsias we have.  It is one of only 3 Tillandsias that have a distinct natural banded pattern on their leaves. We like to pot them in a 70% bark, 15% peralite and 15% peat mix as our climate can be quite dry.  They will grow quite well without doing this, however. We sold more of these than expected in the first 2 weeks that we released them.  


Tillandsia houston enano (T. stricta X T. recurvifolia) Tillandsia houston enano (T. stricta X T. recurvifolia)

Tillandsia houston enano (T. stricta X T. recurvifolia).  This mini form of houston continuously pups throught the year.  The result is a fabulous symetrical ball.  These clumps are already forming a ball shape.  We have two sizes available


intermedia T. intermedia   

Tillandsia intermedia.  These wonderful plants pup from their bloom spikes forming long hanging clumps.  


jonesii Jonesii

Tillandsia jonesii. $6.00

tillandsia jucunda air plants davis farms tillandsia jucunda davis farms air plants

Tillandsia jucunda. We have 5-6 inch wide plants at $4.50 each while supplies last. This is a hard leaf type with a beautiful shape. 

juncea hybrid

Tillandsia juncea x.  This hardy hybrid has a beautiful forest green upright foliage. $3.00

juncifolia red hybrid juncifolia red hybrid detail

Tillandsia juncifolia red hybrid. This hybrid is similar to juncifolia with thicker, hardier leaves that blush year-round when given sufficient bring light. 


kammii davis farms kammii flower davis farms

Tillandsia kammii. Beautiful soft leaf plant with gray pastel tones. 4 inch tall $6 each 

loliacae macro shot airplants davis farms  loliacae clump airplants davis farms tillandsias

Tillandsia loliacea.  Miniature species with micro yellow flowers. Cluster stays condensed into approx 3 inch W x L in size. Single plants are up to 1 inch tall.


mallemontii hybrid

Tillandsia mallemontii hybrid.  The origin of this plant is some what of a mystery. We acquired it as a hybrid of mallemontii but are not 100% sure that is the case.  It is very similar to graomogolensis.  I think it’s a range variation of graomogolensis as the flowers are so similar. They have strongly fragrant, bright purple flowers.  


Tillandsia mima chilitensis  mima chilitensis

Tillandsia mima chilitensis.  Stiff white foliage.  Can grow to be 18"-20"+ wide.  Produces many many offsets along the bloom spike. 4" $3.50 

Tillandsia mitlaensis air plant Davis Farms Wholesale Tillandsias Tillandsia mitlaensis air plant Davis Farms Wholesale Tillandsias

Tillandsia mitlaensis. This beauty clumps over time to form a wonderful cascading clump.  Its leaves appear second and point up when hung.  Easy to grow plant doesn’t mind conditions that are somewhat dry.  The size of the offsets we are offering can be seen in the picture on the right. $16.00 ea. 



Tillandsia nana


Tillandsia oerstediana Tillandsia oerstediana

Tillandsia oerstediana seedlings.  These Tillandsias grow quite large, I've seen them grow to 38 inches wide.  They have beautiful branched, canary yellow inflorescence.  They do best if potted in a well draining media. These 3 year old seedlings are well started 6-8" w x L $5.00 each.   

T. paleacea enano paleacea enano

Tillandsia Paleacea enano. This dwarf form of paleacea, like its larger counterparts, rapidly form large clumps.


tillandsia paucifolia x caput  tillandsia paucifolia x caput

Tillandsia paucifolia x caput-medusae 5-6" tall $15 each LIMITED SUPPLY 

T. pruinosa columbia

Tillandsia pruinosa Colombia.  This form of pruinosa grows large.  It is uncommon in cultivation. It has a dense covering of trichomes  

tillandsia pseudobaileyi hybrid davis farms wholesale tillandsias tillandsia pseudobaileyi hybrid davis farms wholesale tillandsias
Tillandsia pseudobaileyi hybrid. A very cool hybrid with an upright growth habit and wild tentacle leaves. Available for a limited time only while supplies last. Approx 12 inches tall for $15 each

Tillandsia purpurea x caerulea Tillandsia purpurea x caerulea
 Tillandsia purpurea x caerulea.  This is a very rewarding hybrid.  It produces very long bloom spikes with wonderfully fregrant flowers.  It is a must-have for any collector.  7-10"+ similar to the picture on the left $10.00
Tillandsia reducta airplant Davis Farms Wholesale Tillandsias Tillandsia reducta airplant Davis Farms Wholesale Tillandsias
Tillandsia reducta.  This small Peruvian species is in the tectorum complex.  Very rare in cultivation.  It grows into clumps quickly.  Single plants similar to the picture on the right, 2-3 inch tall $15.00


T. reichenbachii

Tilladnsia reichenbachii.  This species is similar to T. duratii but doesn't grow as large.  It produces fragrant flowers. $5.00

 Tillandsia rothii rothii seedling, davis farms

Tillandsia rothii seedling. Plants are well started and become beautiful giants with spectacular blush and bloom spike. 


Tillandsia rothii x concolor  Tillandsia rothii x concolor

Tillandsia rothii x concolor (awesome amber).  *availability very limited.  We are not releasing these at the moment*

rothii x xero davis farms airplants rothii x xero davis farms airplants

Tillandsia rothii x xerographica "Upper Class."*availability very limited.  We are not releasing these at the moment*

Tillandsia somnians air plant davis farms Tillandsia somnians air plant davis farms

Tillandsia somnians.  This unique Tillandsia pups on the bloom spike as can be seen from the picture above.  They hold a vibrant red color year round with brigh light and can be grown as an air plant or potted. 


T. Stellifera

Tillandsia stellifera.  This beautiful Peruvian species grows along a stem and quickly forms clumps. SALE AT $4.50!  

straminea thick leaf straminea thick leaf

Tillandsia straminea thick leaf form.  This is one of my favorite tillandsias.  They grow very large and form great clumps.  They have very thick and wide leaves.   The bloom spike is very long with wonderfully fragrant flowers that last a long time.  We are offering a limited number.  Pictured above you can see the size range we are offering. Please be aware that larger specimens may require a large box with additional shipping billed to your email used for your transaction. Plants will be shipped when payment is made.


Tillandsia straminea thick leaf giant clump air plant Tillandsia Davis Farms Tillandsia straminea thick leaf giant clump air plant Tillandsia Davis Farms

Tillandsia straminea thick leaf gian clump.  We have 10 of these giants available.  $150 ea. 

Tillandsia straminea deep purple Tillandsia straminea deep purple

Tilladnsia straminea deep purple.  This form of straminea is very rare and was just recently describe as a naturally occuring cultivar.  The foliage is similar to the regular form of straminea but the flower is incredible as can be seen by the picture.  They are approximately 4" tall by 7-8" wide $12.00.  

T. streptocarpa

Tillandsia streptocarpa.  Produces fragrant flowers. This pecies is very similar to duratii but doesn't grow as large.


Tillandsia streptocarpa giant form air plant Davis Farms Wholesale Tillandsias 

Tillandsia streptocarpa giant form.  This is a very large form of streptocarpa.  The size you will receive will be similar to what's pictured above. $20.00

 T. pohliana

Tillandsia pohliana.  This beautiful white leaf species comes from Peru.  Easy to grow. OUT OF STOCK

tectorum  tectorum macro

Tillandsia tectorum Ecuador.  This is truly one of the fuziest Tillandsias that exist. We currently have mini,small, medium, large and x-large available


Tillandsia tectorum Peru air plant Davis Farms Tillandsia tectorum Peru air plant Davis Farms

Tillandsia tectorum Peru air plant Davis Farms Tillandsia tectorum Peru air plant Davis Farms 

Tillandsia tectorum Peru.  Pictures don't do this beautiful giant justice.  It is one of the largest growing tectorum types growing to over 20" wide and 24" long.  We are currently offering 2 sizes.


tricholepis n

Tillandsia tricholepis.  This miniature tillandsia has a clumping habit.  They quickly form large clumps.  We are currently offering 3-4 inch singles.  $5.00

Tillandsia vecente bacaya Tillandsia vecente bacaya

Tillandsia vicente bacaya. This is a natural hybrid between caput-medusae and capitata.  They grow very large and are very beautiful plants. These are good sizes plants similar to the plants in the pictures. approx 5 inch plus to 7 inches tall $15.00

xero capitata peach  xero capitata, davis farms

Tillandsia xerographica x capitata peach.  This species has a soft gray tone with hints of capitata peach color. It has soft leaves with an elegant feel.  We have two sizes available.


xero x brachycaulos davis farms wholesale tillandsias xero x brachycaulos davis farms wholesale tillandsias 

Tillandsia xerographica x brachycaulos.  This species has a full shape, looking particularly awesome right now!  10-12 inch wide for $36 each. 


Tillandsia zacapanensis Tillandsia zacapanensis

Tillandsia zacapanensis.  We are offering 6"-8" offsets for $45.