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cryptanthus red star.cryptanthus red star

Cryptanthus red starr.  This is a terrestrial bromeliad and will need to be potted once you receive them.  They are shipped bare root.  available soon

Tillandsia aeranthos purple form

Tilllandsia aeranthos purple form..  $3.  The plants available now are a bit more green than the photo above as they were grown in lower light levels.  

 Tillandsia brachycaulos  
Tillandsia brachycaulos turns bright red when it blooms. WIith higher light levels it will blush year round.  Small $1.00

Tillandsia bulbosa 

Tillandsia bulbosa.  Select a size  



Tillandsia bulbosa "Belize". This form of bulbosa gets HUGE! We have grown them to over 18".  


Tillandsia butzii


Tillandsia caerulea.  This is a very hardy species that grows along a stem to ~12"-20".  Its bloom is very long with multiple flowers that exude and exquisite sweet fragrance.  It is prolific and quickly forms large symmetrical clumps. $1.50 

Tillandsia capitata peach 
Tillandsia capitata peach blushes a beautiful peach color when it blooms as seen from the photo above.  It gets quite large and is prolific.

Tillandsia caput-medusae 
Tillandsia caput-medusae 5-7 inches $1.50

Tillandsia chiapensis  
Tillandsia chiapensis.  We have 4-5" size available now for $7
T. D 

Tillandsia diaguitensis produces beautiful white fragrant flowers.  It doesn't bloom every year but the citrus scented flowers are worth the wait.
Tillandsia diaguitensis 

Please select

Tillandsia fasiculata 
Tillandsia fasciculata This tillandsia can be planted in an orchid mix or grown like any other Tillandsia.


Tillandsia festucoides.  This is a spectacular tillandsia!  It quickly forms a large clump that is breath taking. We have 4"+ small plants for $1.25

 Tillandsia filifolia  

Tillandsia filifolia

Tillandsia flabellata rubra

Tillandsia flabellata rubra.  This plants blushes maroon with high light and humidity levels.  They are currently green.  It has a spectacular branched inflorescence. Large 6-8" $4

 Tillandsia fuschii
Tillandsia fuchsii large……………….............…...................….........$0.75

Tillandsia funkiana

Tillandsia funckiana 2" + $1.20

Tillandsia gardnerii Tillandsia gardnerii

Tillandsia gardneri.  This is a very elegant plant that is graceful with great character 


Tillandsia geminiflora

Tillandsia geminiflora  $2.50

Tillandsia harrissi
Tillandsia harrisii   


Tillandsia incarnata  This species grows along a stem to 6'!  it pups profusely along the stem to form a great clump over several years.  It produces a beautiful bright redish pink bloom spike. 4-6 inch $3  

Tillandsia ionantha rubra.  $0.75 

ionantha ionantha  ionantha ionantha 

Tillandsia ionantha ionantha AKA ionantha Guat.  



 Ionantha Fuego .  This plant holds high red blush year round when exposed to bright light (they currently have 50-100 % red color).  This is a smaller form of ionantha.  The small plants look different than the adults.  As they mature they develope thicker leaves and look more like the plant above.  We have very nice medium-large plants available now. $1.25

                                          Tillandsia seleriana x ionantha.  This unique plant blushes red when it blooms.  It can hold a red blush year round if grown in very bright conditions.  $4.00

Tillandsia juncea


tillandsia juncifolia

Tillandsia juncifolia


Tillandsia magnusiana
Tillandsia magnusiana..........$1.75  

Tillandsia paleacea large form......................................................$2.00

Tillandsia pruinosa large form.  This spectacular form of purinosa grows to be a giant!  We have many specimens that have grown to 9" +.

Tillandsia pseudobaileyi
Tillandsia pseudobaileyi $1.50

tillandsia scaposa
Tillandsia scaposa large.  $0.90 

 tillandsia seleriana
Tillandsia seleriana   Small $1.25.  

  tillandsia straminea

Tillandsia straminea.  Straminea produces highly fragarant flowers over a long period of time. This form grows to be quite large.  These plants are 12-14 inches wide.  $3.00

Tillandsia streptophylla.


streptophylla x brachycaulous

Tillandsia streptophylla x brachycaulous (Eric Knobloch)


Tillandsia stricta
Tillandsia stricta "Black Tips"..........................................................$1.50

stricta greeen 3 inch
Tillandsia stricta green 3 -5 inch ...........$1.00   available soon

As you can see Tillandsia tectorum caulescent form can grow into a very large clump.  The clump pictured above is 4'x6' and took about 10 years to form from 1 plant. Tillandsia tectorum caulescent forn will be available again next yera as we are currently propigating them.

Tillandsia tenuifolia x stricta Tillandsia tenuifolia x stricta

Tillandsia tenuifolia x stricta


Tillandsia tricolor 
Tillandsia tricolor v. melanocreter


Tillandsia velutina turns brilliant pink/red when it blooms.


 Tillandsia velickiana
Tillandsia velickiana........................................................................$1.50 

Tillandsia xerographica medium, large, jumbo
Tillandsia xerographica.  


Tillandsia victoriana

Tillandsia victoriana (ionantha x brachycaulos).  This hybrid turns hot pink when it blooms as can be seen from the pic. $3

vriesea espinosae.  This plant pups off running stolins as can be seen by the photo.  Each bloom cycle produces 4 pups to quickly form a beautiful symetrical clump. We have small plants available for $1.50

Tillandsia Eric Knoblock mountCork bark slab

 Virgin cork bark slab.  These bark pices are great for making Tillandsia or Orchid mounts.  No two are exactly the same size or shape but they all work great for making mounts.  The first picture is a mount I made using Tillandsia Eroc Knobloch................................$3.00

driftwood drift wood

Drift wood.  These are all unique pices of wood.  They make great mounts for Tillandsias.  This drift wood is quite heavy, therefore adding more than 2-3 pices may increase the cost of shipping.  If this happens we will notify you and send a second bill for shipping via PayPal.  Once this bill is paid we will ship.  We have small for $2.00 and medium for $4.00


Tillandsia hanging wire 

Tillandsia wire.  This wire can be used to hang your Tillandsias.  Wrap it aruound your Tillandsias and hang them from something or reverse wrap it and stic it into the ground or a plant pot as shown above.  These rolls are 40' long.  Choose from 6 colors as seen above.  $3.50 ea.  


E-6000 glue

E-6000 Tillandsia glue.  This adhesive is great for attaching your Tillandsias to a mount. 9 ML as pictured  $2.00

We can't be responsible for lost or damaged packages.  All shipments come with $50 of insurance for free.  If you would like to insure your package for the full value please add the appropriate insurance to your cart,

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If there is a perticular species you are looking for please contact me, we may have it available.  We only place species on this site that 

we have in abundance.  Thank you,

Chris Davis

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