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OUR PLANTS ARE NOW AVAILABLE INTERNATIONALLY!  International orders, please do not order from this website, contact me for instructions at  

If you live in Hawaii and want to order please contact me, you will need a phytosanitary certificate from me, $150 for orders less than $500, $100 for orders of $500-$999, and $50.00 for orders over $1000.  In addition, an import permit from the state of HI Department of Agriculture IS REQUIRED

Please realize that the pictures are for general reference and the size and shape you order may be larger or smaller than that shown, depending upon what's available at the moment and the options you choose.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR ORDER.

If you live in California and do not have a sellers permit, we will send you a bill for tax and fees via PayPal for 11% of the cost of your plants (please let me know if this applies to you to avoid delaying your shipment, your plants will not ship until your tax bill is paid).  If you do have a sellers permit, please fill out a resale certificate found here: and email it to Jennifer,  before you order.  This will avoid delaying your order.  If we do not have this certificate on file for your company your plants will not ship. Thank you.

About shipping your plants.  Our shippnig calculator is an estimate.  Rarely, shipping is a bit higher than the estimate.  If it goes over we will send a bill for the excess shipping cost via PayPa.  The calculator only goes up to $300 worth of plants, so please expect a bill for shipping if you order is over $400 or so dollars, or has a lot of large plants, or heavy items such as drift wood or Cholla.  We always look for the most economical way to ship your plants and supplies.  

Shipping insurance:  We cannot be responsible for lost or damaged packages as we have no control over what happens to the packages when they leave our facility. Although it is extremely, extremely rare, packages have been damaged.   If you would like to insure your package against loss or damage, please add the appropriate level of insurance.  This insurance is from the USPS and all claims are subject to their terms and conditions.  Please visit the USPS website for details.  


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aeranthos hybrid clump aeranthos hybrid clump

Tillandsia aeranthos hybrid clumps.  Each clump has many pups that can be separated into singles or left as a clump. We currently only have mini and small available.


Tillandsia andreana

Tillandsia andreana


Tillandsia aeranthos purple form

Tilllandsia aeranthos purple form.  This is an easy to grow, hardy plants with nice color.


albida albida

Tillandsia albida.  This is a full sun plant, it can tolerate bright light to full sun and seems to do quite well in any of these conditions.  

It's easy to grow, has white foliage and this clone gerowes to be larger than any I've ever seen.  We are offering large 

as pictured on the right hand side of the picture on the left above. Coming soon.   

Tillandsia balbisiana balbisiana

Tillandsia balbisiana. Small and medium plants leaves are more upright at the moment, but once mature, his species has curved, long, hardy leaves with an elegant shape.  Large plants pictured.   

Currently have medium plants available at $2 each.  

Tillandsia bandensis

Tillandsia bandensis.  This small mini species produces vibrant purple flowers.  We offer small clumps as pictured above for $1.50

 Tillandsia brachycaulos  
Tillandsia brachycaulos turns bright red when it blooms. WIith higher light levels it will blush year round.  


Tillandsia bulbosa 

Tillandsia bulbosa. Select a size



Tillandsia bulbosa "Belize" at $5 each. This form of bulbosa gets HUGE! We have grown them to over 18".  

tillandsia butzii

Tillandsia butzii. An interesting species.  butzii has a beautiful soptted patern.  


Tillandsia capitata peach 
Tillandsia capitata peach blushes a beautiful peach color when it blooms as seen from the photo above.  It gets quite large and is prolific. 


Tillandsia caput-medusae 
Tillandsia caput-medusae. Grows leaves that look like tendrils in various directions, making this plant unique in multiple designs for your needs. Can tolerate high bright like. Blooms early Spring/ Summer. 


Tillandsia chiapensis  

Tillandsia chiapensis. 6" plus plant pictured above,  The sizes we offer are smaller but well established.  This is a very hardy species and is easy to grow. We have two sizes available at the moment.  
Tillandsia cocoensis Tillandsia cocoensis
Tillandsia cocoensis.  This species produces white flowers that are quite beautiful.  $1.50
T. D 
Tillandsia diaguitensis produces beautiful white fragrant flowers.  It doesn't bloom every year but the citrus scented flowers are worth the wait.  $0.75 each  
large form diaguitensis
Tillandsia diaguitensis large form.  This is a much larger form of diaguitensis.  This clone is at least twice the size as the regular form.  

Tillandsia fasiculata fasciculata seedling

Tillandsia fasciculata. This tillandsia can be planted in an orchid mix or grown like any other Tillandsia. 



Tillandsia festucoides.  This is a spectacular Tillandsia!  It quickly forms a large clump that is breath taking.  Pictured above is an XL clump. 


 Tillandsia filifolia  
Tillandsia filifolia (XL pictured)

Tillandsia flabellata rubra Tillandsia flabellata rubra

Tillandsia flabellata rubra.  This plants blushes maroon with high light and humidity levels.  They are currently mostly green. $4.00 each 8" plus plant   

 Tillandsia fuschii
Tillandsia fuchsii

T. funkiana  T. funkiana

Tillandsia funckiana.  


Tillandsia harrissi

Tillandsia harrisii.  Pictured above is a medium size plant. 


houston houston

Tillandsia houston 'lite pink'  This is a beautiful plant with sage-green and white-gray leaves and subtle lavender tips when in blush. Quite a prolific plant. 3-4" at $2.50.

Tillandsia ionantha rubra. We have various sizes available. Check out the drop down menu for our small, medium and Clumps too  



ionantha guate clump  ionantha ionantha 

Tillandsia ionantha ionantha AKA ionantha Guat.  We are offering small size 1.5" at $0.35, med 2" at $0.50, large at $1.00. 


 Tillandsia ionantha fuego

Tillandsia ionantha fuego .  This plant holds high red blush year round when exposed to bright light (they are currently mostly green with a bit of red).  This is a smaller form of ionantha.  The small plants look different than the adults as can be seen in the lineup in the photo above.  As they mature they develop thicker leaves and look more like the plant in the picture on the left. 


ionantha mexico ionantha mexico

Ionantha Mexico small clump plant with mother and 4+ pups.  This is a very hardy plant that is easy to care for. $2.50

T. jucunda jucunda

Tilandsia jucunda.  Produces beautiful yellow flowers.  Sizes available can be seen in the picture to the right.


juncea juncea

Tillandsia juncea. Grass like plant with straight upright fine leaves. 


juncifolia juncifolia

Tillandsia juncifolia


Tillandsia magnusiana Tillandsia magnusiana
Tillandsia magnusiana

neglecta T. neglecta

Tillandsia neglecta.  This is a very prolific hardy species.  We are now offering clumps for a limited time only, you may choose that option from the drop down menu. This plant produces lots of leaves so it is not uncommon to have some dead leaves at the base of the plant, they can easily be removed.  Select a size


tillandsia paucifolia

Tillandsia paucifolia


Tillandsia paleacea large form, small and medium clump pictured on the right.


tillandsia paleacea hybrid tillandsia paleacea hybrid
Tillandsia paleacea hybrid. This plant has a nice form with an upright habit and grows along a stem.  Available as a small clump at $4


Tillandsia plageotropica.  These plants originate from foggy mountian in El Salvador and Guatemala.  They have beautiful shape and soft leaves.  


Tillandsia pruinosa large form.  This spectacular form of pruinosa grows to be a giant!  We have many specimens that have grown to 9" +.



Tillandsia pseudobaileyi
Tillandsia pseudobaileyi    


Tillandsia punctulata

Tillandsia punctulata. Large 8-9" tall at $6. This plant has a darker base with brilliant symmetrical, forest green foliage. A graceful plant that grows new plants off stolons and produces briliant dark purble flowers on a bright red stem. You can also grow these potted with orchid bark/peat moss type soil or as you would with any other Tillandsia.

Tillandsia purpurea Tillandsia purpurea

Tillandsia purpurea large form.  This species produces very fragrant flowers that can last several months and smell wonderful.  This form of purpurea grow very large.  We have grown many over 16" tall and 8" wide.  Coming soon! 

Tillandsia purpurea enano star Tillandsia purpurea enano star

Tillandsia purpurea 'enano shooting star.' A beautiful miniature form of purpurea that produces highly fragrant flowers. 3 to 5 inch ( pictured)  $2.50 each

Tillandsia recurvata

Tillandsia recurvata clump.  $1.50.

Recurvifolia var subsecundifolia recurvifolia

Tillandsia recurvifolia var subsecundifolia. A plant from Brazil with a clumping growth habit. Prolific plant. Excellent for mouting for its vigorous root system. Can also tolerate lots of high bright light! 


tillandsia scaposa

Tillandsia scaposa (kolby) we currently have only ONE size 2-2.5"  available at the moment 



Tillandsia schiedeana 5 inch plus at $1.25 This plant has thin velvety leaves with a graceful look. Available soon!

 tillandsia seleriana
Tillandsia seleriana


  tillandsia straminea

Tillandsia straminea.  Straminea produces highly fragrant flowers over a long period of time. This form grows to be quite large.  These plants have a graceful look due to their silvery thin leaves that grow outwards, like ribbons. We have small, medium, large and XL sizes available.


Tillandsia streptophylla streptophylla

Tillandsia streptophylla.    


streptophylla x brachycaulous

Tillandsia streptophylla x brachycaulous (Eric Knobloch) 3-4" $3.00

Tillandsia stricta
Tillandsia stricta "Black Tips".  A graceful thin leaf plant with dark purple tips when exposed to high light. Prefers cooler shadier areas and not direct sun.  Available soon!

tillandsia stricta green
Tillandsia stricta green 3-5 inch $1.00. Coming soon, please be patient as our plants are still pups and growing up to be beautiful plants!

stricta green thin leaf

Tillandsia stricta green fine leaf 5"-8" $1.00

tillandsia tectorum caulescent form tillandsia tectorum caulescent form

Tillandsia tectorum caulescent form.  This tectorum grow along a stem to quickly form large clumps. Will be available soon, contact us if you have any questions regarding this species. 

T. tricolor T. tricolor
Tillandsia tricolor v. melanocreter.  


Tillandsia usneoides Tillandsia usenoides
 Tillandsia usneoides ( Spanish moss).  



Tillandsia velutina turns brilliant pink/red when it blooms.


 Tillandsia velickiana
Tillandsia velickiana. A high altitude plant that prefers more water, but PLEASE remember to let it dry before the next watering. This plant can easily rot if it sits in water for too long. It's a beautiful plant with thin velvety leaves and a silvery-green color.  


Tillandsia xerographica medium, large, jumbo
Tillandsia xerographica. Medium size only until further notice  

Please note, our shipping calculator is an estimate.  It is possible that the shipping charges will excede the estimate, depending upon the number, size added, and distance from San Diego.  If shipping cost are higher than the estimate we will send a money request for the balance. 

vernicosa X small davis farms vernicosa X small with bloom

Tillandsia vernicosa hybrid small $2.50. These miniatures plants have hard stiff leaves and can tolerate bright light ( even full sun) for a more colorful appearance! Available soon.


vriesea espinosae.  This plant pups off running stolons as can be seen by the photo.  Each bloom cycle produces 4+ pups to quickly form a beautiful symmetrical clump.  


heat pack

Uniheat 72 hour shipping warmers.  These shipping warmers are offered for those who live in freezing areas.  They are not a guarantee the plants will not freeze, however, we have only had a problem 2 times with hundreds of shipments.  We use USPS priority mail and if your mailman leaves your package outside in a lock box or on your porch, if you were not home or at your business, there will likely be a problem if temps are extreme.  Please plan accordingly, if you would like to use these for your shipments and do not want them activated let us know with a note to seller, otherwise they will be activated. $3.00 each

Tillandsia Eric Knoblock mountCork bark slab

 Virgin cork bark slab.  These bark pieces are great for making Tillandsia or Orchid mounts.  No two are exactly the same size or shape but they all work great for making mounts.  The first picture is a mount I made using Tillandsia Eric Knobloch.


driftwood drift wood

Driftwood.  SALE! These are all unique pieces of wood.  They make great mounts for Tillandsias.  This drift wood is quite heavy, therefore adding more than 5 or 6 pieces of small or 3 pieces of medium may increase the cost of shipping.  If this happens we will notify you and send a second bill for shipping via PayPal.  Once this bill is paid we will ship.


   cholla wood cholla wood sizes davis farms

Cholla wood. This naturally artistic wood is derived from the cholla cactus, which has been ethically sourced. You can display your tillandsias in various ways... surely a conversation starter! Picture above (to the right side) shows medium, large, and extra large sizes. Larger amounts of wood ordered will be sent via UPS ground to save money on shipping cost.  This means it will likely arive after your plants.  A bill will be sent to the email address used on your order, via PayPal,  for any additional shipping cost due to weight.  We recommend taking your plant out of the cholla to water, or only dipping the plant into the water, to preserve the integrity of the wood 


cholla smaller form mini and small cholla davis farms

Cholla wood is also available in smaller sizes. Picture above (right) shows  small 1.5" diameter by approx 2"-2.50" L at $0.75 and mini 1" diameter by approx 1.25" L at $0.50. This wood can be cleaned with a wire brush to have a cleaner appearance, or left natural as in the picture.  The hole size in the center varies.  Plants can be set into the hole or glued on top of the wood.  These pieces work great with small Tillandsias such as ionantha fuego, velutina, tricolor, neglecta, brachycaulos, pseudobaileyi, chiapensis, funckiana and scaposa medium.  Larger amounts of wood ordered will be sent via UPS ground to save money on shipping cost.  This means it will likely arive after your plants.  A bill will be sent to the email address used on your order, via PayPal,  if any additional shipping cost is due from the additional weight.  We recommend taking your plant out of the cholla to water, or only dipping the plant into the water, to preserve the integrity of the wood. 


grape wood trunk grape wood trunk davis farms

Grape wood trunk are beautifully designed by nature. Wood will vary in shape and size, but on average it will measure approx 4-6 inch Tall x 4-5.5 inch Width. These unique pieces can be used in a variety of ways as pots, centerpieces, plant sculptures...ideas are endless! Shipping for this wood is not included when you check out.  These will be shipped via UPS ground.  Once we know the additional cost we will email an invoice to you via PayPal.  We will ship once this bill is paid.  Please pay as soon as possible to avoid delaying your shipment.   Available soon. 

grape wood vine davis farms grape wood vine lichen

Grape wood natural vine are all unique pieces with a darker color and remnants of lichen derived from a small family vineyard in Northern CA . Shape and size will vary, but on average will measure 12-16inch Length x 2-2.5 inch diameter. All wood has been naturally treated for insects without the use of pesticides. Due to the natural condition of the wood, small bark particles may rub off but that's because of the wood's natural beauty.  Shipping for this wood is not included when you check out.  These will be shipped via UPS ground.  Once we know the additional cost we will email an invoice to you via PayPal.  We will ship once this bill is paid.  Please pay as soon as possible to avoid delaying your shipment.  


Tillandsia hanging wire 

Tillandsia wire.  This stainless steel wire can be used to hang your Tillandsias.  Wrap it around your Tillandsias and hang them from something or reverse wrap it and stick it into the ground or a plant pot as shown above.  These rolls are 33' long and individually packed in pastic pouches giving a clean look for resale.  Choose from 9 colors as seen above.  $2.50 ea. or $2.00 ea when you buy 10 or more.



E-6000 Tillandsia glue.  This adhesive is great for attaching your Tillandsias to a mount, it's safe to use with your plants. 4 sizes availabel, 0.1oz, 0.18oz, 0.5oz, and 1oz.  The 0.5oz comes in a nice package that is ideal for resale.  



25 pound bag of bulk Tillandsia fertilizer concentrate.  We've worked with a fertilizer company to develop our custom blend of Tillandsia and Bromeliad fertilizer.  It contains a free form of nitrogen that is readily available for use by the plants, unlike many other fertalizers which contain a type of nitrogen that must first be broken down by bacteria in soil.  We've also eliminated minerals known to be harmful to Tillandsias.  This bulk, 25 pound bag can be broken down into many small containers for resale.  Directions for use are as follows: If you use the fertilizer with every watering, use 1/10-1/6 tablespoon per gallon of water.  If you fertilize once a week you should use 1/4 tablespoon, and if you only fertilize once every 2-4 weeks use 1/2 tablespoon per gallon.  Due to weight, we will ship the fertilizer separately via a large flatrate priority box.  The cost includes the fertilizer, $50.00 and shipping, $16. $66.00

How to add notes to seller.  Many people have issues finding the add notes to seller section when checking out.  Here is a picture that show you where this feature is during the check out process.  This screenshot image is poor but the black arrow point to a link that says "add special instructions to seller: add."  The blue add is a ling to click on which allows you to add the notes.

We can't be responsible for lost or damaged packages, as unlikely as this is.  All shipments come with $50 of insurance for free.  If you would like to insure your package for the full value please add the appropriate insurance to your cart,

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If there is a particular species you are looking for please contact me, we may have it available.  We only place species on this site that 

we have in abundance.  Thank you,

Chris Davis

Founder, Davis Farms Wholesale Tillandsias




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