For a limited time, we are offering considerable discounts on plants we have an overabundance of.  We will be adding species frequently. 

Tillandsia andreana Tillandsia andreana air plant Davis Farms Wholesale Tillandsias
Tillandsia andreana ~ON SALE~limited time only.  A hardy, piney leaf plant with lime green color. Similar looking as filifolia and magnusiana.   

sale bulbosa bulbosas sales

Tillandsia bulbosa medium/ large 4-6 inches long. We have alot of old specimen sized bulbosa with some leaf damage,but still good plants to use as fillers in projects or terrariums. Although the quality is not excellent, the plants are still in good condition that a little leaf trimming can't fix. $.65 each 

butzii sale butzii close up sale

Tillandsia butzii  ~ approx 7-10 inches long. Lots of overstock older plants with some minor leaf damage. $1.50 each 

juncea sale juncea sale  tip detail

Tillandsia juncea ~ size ranges from 10-15 inches long. Sale items are in good condition, with some minor dry tips. Not aesthetically perfect, but you may trim off leaves as desired. Each are $1.25 

green tricolor sale tricolor green sale

Tillandsia tricolor  (Green color)~ varies betweeen 6-9 inches long. Very minor leaf damage. These plants are sold green, and will not have any color. Perfect for a specific project in mind requiring green and upright shape plants. Each are $1.50. 

xero small sale sale small xero

Tillandsia xerographica small 4-5"~ LIMITED TIME ONLY~ $6.75 each Great condition.